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Advertising Robot
Sentory Global Trade's First ever Built: "ROBOCOM"
The first ever built Commercials, presentations and security Robotic system.

A moving, Dinamic Robotic Platform. Advertising, Gurding, security, presentation, ANTI SHOP lifting Platform.

Rotating Table- "A.R.T."
A Rotating table, controlled by a high tech close loop Controller and a high power
Gear-Motor, provides an accurate speed and angular/ positioning control for the T&M Industry.

Changing speeds from 0-300 degrease\second and a speed resolution of 10 degrease a second.
A friendly to use program and an easy to install RS232 interface.

A maximum load of 20 Kg. on rotating plate.

Up to 12 X 1Amp. Each, slip ringed leads, for power feed and device feedback reading.

Up to 44 X M5 holes for rotating devices assembly.


1. T&M (Test and measurement) equipment for RF, Wi-Fi Devices Gyroscopes, Electro-mechanical devices, Avionic and aerospace testing equipment.
2. Robotic Platform for Armed / firing Robot for security and enforcement.
3. An accurate close loop controlled rotating platform for accurate positioning and velocity control for light/heavy loads.
Designed and built by Ronen Carmely Israel.

Accurate Rotating Table- "A.R.T."


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